Published October 14, 2022 | Version v3
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Louvre aulos: basic scales and keys, Imperial setting (Lynch 2022)

  • 1. University of St Andrews


As discussed in a forthcoming publication, this figure represents the Iastian/Hypoiastian keys produced by the Louvre Aulos in its Imperial setting.

This setting is consistent with the tunings recorded in the Imperial musical documents, discussed in Lynch 2023a and with Ptolemy's harmogai, transcribed and discussed in Lynch forthcoming.

Lynch, T. A. C. (2023a). Unlocking the Riddles of Imperial Greek Melodies: the 'Lydian' metamorphosis of the Classical harmonic system.

Lynch, T. A. C. Ancient Greek melodies and the invention of the harmonic system: from Euripides to Early Christianity. Monograph in progress.


Lynch_Louvre Aulos Basic scales Imperial and Aristides' Lower Phrygian diatonic.png