Published September 23, 2022 | Version 2.0
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DARE UK PRiAM Project D1 Report: Privacy Risk Assessment Requirements for Safe Collaborative Research: Exploring Emerging Data Patterns and Needs of Advanced Analytics in Cross Council Research Networks through Use Case Analysis


Trustworthy and collaborative data sharing and re-usage for approved research purposes can help to advance public health and patient care. Data and analytics systems are changing and new ways to share and access data are emerging, including the potential for greater federation of resources and services. These changes are bringing about new and evolving risks. What remains vital is that people are protected from harms associated with data disclosure and re-use — and that public confidence and engagement in health and social care research are maintained. As such, the DARE UK PRiAM project aims to explore methods and tools that can support decisionmakers, patients and the public to assess and manage privacy risk when considering emerging data access and reusage scenarios, such as federation. This report describes privacy requirements and use cases for cross-domain access and re-use of sensitive data for research purposes, taking into consideration emerging data usage patterns and needs. This report is the first in a series of four project reports, which together focus on working towards standardisation of privacy risk assessment for cross-domain access and re-use of sensitive data for research purposes.



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