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The Use of CSR Advertisements by Different Business Models and Its Effects on the Perception of Corporate Credibility


In this study, we examine the influence of CSR advertisements by companies with different business models on perceived corporate credibility. We compare the business models of social enterprises and for-profit firms. We assume that for-profit firms' CSR messages lack credibility due to the inconsistency between social engagement and the strong profit maximisation objective embedded in their business model. In contrast, since social enterprisespursue a primarily social mission, we assume that their communication of social and environmental commitments is perceived more credible. To test our hypotheses, we conductindependent t-tests and regression analyses based on data of 109 participants of an online experiment. We find that CSR advertisements by social enterprises lead to a higher degree of perceived corporate credibility compared to for-profit firms and that perceived manipulative intent mediates the effect of CSR advertisements on the perception of corporate credibility.


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