Published August 19, 2022 | Version 2.0
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IPBES Data Management Tutorials - Chapter 4: Data management of active research data

  • 1. IPBES
  • 1. Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Center
  • 2. Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation,
  • 3. Global Biodiversity Information Facility
  • 4. University of Cambridge
  • 5. South African National Biodiversity Institute
  • 6. World Wildlife Fund
  • 7. University of Zurich
  • 8. IPBES
  • 9. UNESCO
  • 10. IPBES Task Force on Capacity Building


The IPBES data management tutorials are short videos to help experts implement the IPBES data and knowledge management policy. They cover topics ranging from data and knowledge management policy, reports, active research data, tools, and examples.

Please note that the IPBES data and knowledge management policy is the second version of the IPBES data management policy.

The Data management of active research data chapter provides an introduction for IPBES experts on how to manage data while actively being used, analyzed, and produced to fulfill the criteria of the IPBES data and knowledge management policy. This chapter consists of the following sessions: 



These tutorials were created in collaboration between the IPBES task force on knowledge and data and the IPBES task force on capacity building. For inquires please contact


IPBES Data Management Tutorials_Chapter 4_ Data management of active research data_v2.pdf

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  • IPBES (2022): IPBES Data and Knowledge Management Policy ver. 2.0, Krug, R.M., Omare, B., and Niamir, A. (eds.) IPBES secretariat, Bonn, Germany. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6243095