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MILAN project: raw images of deep sky objects captured with a Stellina observation station -- [2022-04]

  • 1. Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology


During the MILAN research project (MachIne Learning for AstroNomy), the research team uses Stellina observation stations to collect raw images of deep sky objects. 

The Stellina observation station has an apochromatic ED doublet with an aperture of 80 mm and a focal length of 400 mm - focal ratio of f/5. It is equipped with a Sony IMX 178 CMOS sensor with a resolution of 6.4 million pixels (3096 x 2080 pixels). An anti-pollution filter is placed in front of the camera sensor. The station also has a fully automated alt-azimuth mount: setup, object tracking and focusing are also automatic. Stellina also has an integrated field rotator that adapts to the target.

Thus, the research team built a dataset that faithfully represents what can be obtained during classical Electronically Assisted Astronomy sessions in the Luxembourg Greater Region:
- targets: representative set of deep sky objects from the Messier and NGC catalogs during the period.
- type of targets: nebulaes, planetary nebula, galaxies, globular clusters, open clusters
- for each observation session: sub-frames of 10 seconds exposure time and total cumulative duration of ~15/30 minutes (depending of the target) -- bad sub-frames were not filtered.

The dataset is composed of ZIP files -- and each zip file contain raw images in FITS format (Flexible Image Transport System): data come directly from the Sony IMX178 sensor of the Stellina observation station (no debayerisation and no post processing).

This research was funded by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR), grant reference 15872557.

To refer to or to cite this work, please use: "Parisot, O., Hitzelberger, P., Bruneau, P., Krebs, G., Destruel, C., & Vandame, B. (2023). MILAN Sky Survey, a dataset of raw deep sky images captured during one year with a Stellina automated telescope. Data in Brief, 48, 109133."


MILAN project team members: Olivier Parisot (LIST), Patrik Hitzelberger (LIST), Pierrick Bruneau (LIST), Gilles Krebs (VAONIS, Christophe Destruel (VAONIS).

More information about the MILAN project:

More information about VAONIS instruments:

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Data license for files: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International




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