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The Turing Way response to UNESCO's Global Call for Best Practices in Open Science

  • 1. The Alan Turing Institute
  • 2. Delft University of Technology
  • 3. DCC, University of Edinburgh
  • 4. King's College London Law School
  • 6. Invest in Open Infrastructure


This document is shared under a CC-BY 4.0 licence. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6841867. Zenodo: Attributed to the The Turing Way community and individual contributors.

Further to the adoption of the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science in November 2021, UNESCO launched a Global Call for Best Practices in Open Science. Website with more information: 

The Turing Way ( team (email: led a workshop to facilitate discussion and put together a community solicited recommendations on the 2-3 (out of seven) selected priority areas.

The Turing Way ( is an open source, open collaboration and community driven guide to best practices in data science and research. The Turing Way is hosted and supported by the Tools, Practices and Systems of The Alan Turing Institute.

Editor: Malvika Sharan

Workshop Contributors/Affiliation/Socials/ORCID

  • Patricia Herterich / DCC, University of Edinburgh / @pherterich 
  • Alina Popescu / King’s College London Law School
  • Arielle Bennett / The Alan Turing Institute / @biotechchat
  • Emmy Tsang / Invest in Open Infrastructure / @emmy_ft
  • Esther Plomp / Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Applied Sciences / @PhDtoothFAIRy
  • Anne Lee Steele / Alan Turing Institute / @aleesteele
  • Eirini Zormpa / The Alan Turing Institute / @eirini_zormpa
  • Emma Karoune/ The Alan Turing Institute / t - @ekaroune
  • Vicky Hellon / Alan Turing Institute / @vickyhellon
  • Alejandro Coca-Castro / Alan Turing Institute / @alejo_coca
  • Batool Almarzouq, OSCSA/KAIMRC, Twitter: @batool664


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