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Poster on 'Ozonolysis of Surface Bonded Alkenes' for #EnvChem2022

  • 1. University of York
  • 2. National Technical University of Athens


The reaction between ozone and alkenes has been studied extensively due to its importance in atmospheric chemistry. For instance, this reaction generates OH radicals which is one of the primary oxidizing agents in the atmosphere, and the products of this reaction result in the production of secondary organic aerosol (SOA). Reactions of ozone with surface-bound alkenes is also important for many applications including sensing and coatings but the mechanistic features of this process have been less explored. In this study we have investigated the ozonolysis of a series of surface attached alkenes with significant differences in size and structure to monitor the reaction kinetics, intermediate identification, and surface-bound products determination. Glass slides and spherical silica nanoparticles were used as model surface supports. The organic surfaces were characterized using different spectroscopic techniques (NMR, IR) and contact angle measurements, before and after ozonolysis. It was observed that the contact angle of the surfaces was reduced by ~40° and formation of secondary ozonide was observed with the help of solid state 13C NMR after the ozonolysis reaction. Control experiment revealed that surfaces of n-octane (C8) were nonreactive toward ozone. Finally, mechanistic features of the ozonolysis process with different types of surface attached alkenes will be discussed with the aid of computational studies.


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Naeem Iqbal and Amy Wolstenholme-Hogg delivered this poster for the Royal Society of Chemistry #EnvChem 2022 conference.

RADICAL represents a 'Fundamental Breakthrough in Detection of Atmospheric Free Radicals'.

Find out more on the RADICAL project website:

The RADICAL project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 899282.



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RADICAL – Fundamental Breakthrough in Detection of Atmospheric Free Radicals 899282
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