Published June 25, 2022 | Version v1
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IQ recording of W3OH hydroxyl spectral line at 1665.4 MHz


This dataset contains a recording of the -OH radical spectral line (rest frequency 1665.4018 MHz) of the W3OH complex done with one of the 6.2 meter antennas of the Allen Telescope Array. The recording lasts approximately 500 seconds and is in IQ (raw voltage mode) format.

The hardware configuration was as follows: antenna 1a was connected to RFCB LO d, which was tuned to a frequency of 1665.4 MHz and used an output IF of 512 MHz. A USRP N321 was connected to the IF output of the RFCB. The USRP N321 digitized both linear polarizations of the antenna. An external 10 MHz reference and PPS coming from the observatory distribution system was used, and LO sharing was set up among the two channels channels. The IQ  sample rate of the USRP was 1.92 Msps. A GNU Radio flowgraph was used to record IQ data to disk.

The antenna was pointed to J2000 right ascension 02h 27m 04.1s, declination +61d 52m 22s.

The GNU Radio flowgraph stored the IQ data for each channel as 16-bin integers in the GNU Radio metatata file format, with detached headers. After recording, the data was converted to SigMF format.


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