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Proceedings of "The Healing and Emotional Power of Music and Dance (HELP-MD)" Symposium. Lisbon: Instituto de Etnomusicologia - Centro de Estudos em Música e Dança, NOVA FCSH.

  • 1. Instituto de Etnomusicologia (INET-md), Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, NOVA University Lisbon



The Healing and Emotional Power of Music and Dance Symposium took place on May 20th and 21st 2021, hosted (online) by Instituto de Etnomusicologia (INET-MD), Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, NOVA University Lisbon. It has been organized by myself and Dr. Giorgio Scalici, with support from Portuguese funding through the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), within the scope of the project “The Healing and Emotional Power of Music and Dance” (PTDC/ART-PER/29641/2017,

            The Symposium’s aim was to bring together scholars and students working on the topic of music, emotion, and health across a variety of scientific fields, including ethnomusicology, music psychology, music education, and music therapy. Following the Call for Papers (see p. 1), the submitted abstracts were selected by the Scientific Committee and then published online before the Symposium (

         Oral presentations took place in seven sessions with each devoted to a specific sub-theme: 1) “dance, emotion, and healing”, 2) “keynotes”, 3) “music and emotion”, 4) “music, healing, ritual, and trance”, 5) “music therapy”, 6) “miscellaneous”, and 7) “ongoing field research”. One of the Symposium sessions featured an exciting double keynote presentation, with leading scholars Dr. Benjamin Koen (ethnomusicology) and Dr. Emmanuel Bigand (cognitive psychology), who I would like to thank warmly for their precious insights into the Symposium themes. All presentations, including the keynotes, have been recorded with the agreement of the authors and have since been uploaded on the project’s website (

            The Symposium closed following an open session that included discussion of the possibility of publishing the papers. Among the various formats referenced (book, abstracts, etc.), we chose to publish a collection of “Extended” (max. 2000 words) and “Short” abstracts (max 300 words). This mixed format was recently adopted by the “Proceedings of the First Symposium of the ICTM study group on Sound, Movement and the Sciences” (see:, a publication that served as a model for the current Proceedings.

            In the following pages, the reader will find the original Call for Papers of the Symposium, the program, 16 abstracts (9 of which are “extended”, and 7 “short”), and the keynote abstracts. Instead of separating the texts according to their length, I maintained the original order of the Symposium program, preserving the thematic grouping of the papers. All the texts received were duly peer-reviewed. Finally, I would like to thank all the authors and reviewers who each gave their personal best to ensure the high quality of this publication.

Lisbon, June 2022

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