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Symbio(s)cene. Arts and sciences collaboration for an era beyond the anthropocene

  • 1. Symbio(s)cene e.V., Munich, Germany


Poster presented at the World Biodiversity Forum at Davos, June 2022.


Symbio(s)cene is a non-profit initiative with a vision to contribute to shaping a new mindset that promotes thinking beyond the Anthropocene. The biodiversity and climate crises make global, profound and transformative change urgently necessary. We are convinced that a new way of thinking, rooted in a renewed humans-nature relationship, is necessary to promote this change. It requires a new awareness of nature, an openness to and appreciation of other living things, and a new aesthetic that appreciates the beneficial character of natural materials and structures. With the Symbio(s)cene initiative, we want to show examples that demonstrate that a future worth living in is already within reach, and we want to contribute with projects that accelerate the emergence of a new mentality that embraces a positive human-nature relationship. The distinctive proposition of our initiative is a holistic approach that interconnects sciences and arts – giving space to both cognitive and emotional dimensions of knowledge. The poster will present our motivation and goals, and will provide examples for current and future activities.



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