Published June 16, 2022 | Version v1
Conference paper Open

Code, Benchmarks and Experiment Data for the ICAPS 2022 HSDIP workshop paper "A Comparison of Abstraction Heuristics for Rubik's Cube"

  • 1. University of Basel
  • 2. Linköping University


This is a collection of code, data, and benchmarks for reproducing all experiments reported in the paper.

`` contains the implementation, which is based on Scorpion (in turn based on Fast Downward 21.12).

`` contains our newly created benchmark set of Rubik's Cube problems in the sas-fileformat. In the directory `scramble-files` you can find the rotation sequences used to generate the corresponding planning tasks.

`` contains all files necessary for automatically generating Rubik's Cube problems in the sas-fileformat.

`` contains an experiment script compatible with Lab 6.1 for reproducing the experiments of the paper.

`` contains the experimental data used in the paper.


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