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D6.2 Pilots Requirements, Design and Data Management Plan



This report addresses ARETE Pilots 1 and 2 requirements, design, and data management plans. The aim of this deliverable relies on the definition of the pilots’ requirements, which is one of the crucial steps for the effective project pilots’ design, which is the main objective of the Task 6.1: Pilot Definition, AR Interactivity Requirements & Specification. Indeed, during the ARETE project it is important not to overlook the appropriate understanding of the needs and expectations of the main stakeholders at primary schools, to address the project objectives with a reliable perspective. The contents of D6.2 are supplementary for D6.1 since the recruitment of the Pilot 1 and 2 has been finalised at the end of June 2021 (M20). Pilot 1 and 2 are testing and demonstrating the AR mobile apps’ development works within the ARETE project. More specifically, ARETE Pilot 1 aims to study the effects of WordsWorthLearning’s (WWL) interactive Augmented Reality (AR) solutions on teaching and learning English language literacy skills with primary school students typically underperforming in English language literacy tests. Pilot 1 pre-tests will be conducted between September and October 2021 (M23 and M24); the intervention phase will take place from October 2021 till April 2022 (M24 till M30); post-assessment will be conducted from May to June 2022 (M31 to M32). The goal of Pilot 2 is to test the efficiency of CleverBooks (CLB) Augmented Reality application for STEM education as a tool to help improve pupils’ test-score and increase retention rate. Pilot 2 pre-tests will be conducted between September and October 2021 (M23 and M24); the intervention phase and post- tests will start in November 2021 and be finalised by April 2022 (M25 till M30); retention assessment will be conducted from May to June 2022 (M31 to M32).

Due to the participation of humans and of minors in the ARETE pilots, the pilot managers have adhered to the ethics requirements presented in WP1 and WP2 deliverables.

The recruitment process for Pilot 1 and Pilot 2 operatives has been conducted via a 2-step recruitment approach that allows the incorporation of early feedback from target groups and to better plan for the pilot implementation stage. The 1st step, which consisted of identifying teacher coordinators, has been successfully conducted. Three teacher coordinator workshops are also foreseen over the course of the project: the first one was already conducted in June and early July 2021 (M20/M21), the second will be in November 2021 (M25) while the third one in March 2022 (M29). The 2nd step, which consists in recruiting pilot teachers, is also terminated. However, a limited number of pilot teachers might be replaced during August if some of the selected persons are assigned to new schools and/or classes before the beginning of the school year.

Within the pilots’ coordination, a COVID-19 risk analysis has been carried out at the WP6 level in order to evaluate the impact of the current pandemic situation on the deployment of pilots to schools and presented in D6.1.

Finally, Task 6.1 is related to the deliverables D2.3 and D2.9, as the design of the pilots adheres to the Data Management Plan presented in WP2. All exploratory and experimental user workshops and reports are defined within each pilot’s requirements.


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 856533.


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