Published April 20, 2022 | Version v0.1.2.0
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calcita/ech: ech

  • 1. Ministerio de Desarrollo Social, Uruguay


ech v0.1.2.0

*minor changes. fix organize_names

ech v0.1.1.3

*minor changes. fix organize_names

ech v0.1.1.2
  • ommited get_* functions for bug in macos
  • removed some dependences
  • changed travis to github ci
  • supressed 'no check certificate'
ech v0.1.1
  • Improve utils functions debugging download.files used
  • Add a dates_ech function
  • Add more variables to 'dic'
  • Start a learnr tutorial
ech v0.0.1.16
  • Improvement of get_estimation...
ech v0.0.1.15
  • Variables used completed in dictionary 2011:2019
  • Variables used confirmed in dictionary 2013:2019
  • Improvemente of readme
ech v0.0.1.14
  • Add add_geom function
  • Add get_sampling_frame/get_marco function
  • Add unsatisfied_basic_needs function
ech v0.0.1.13
  • Add housing_situation, housing_condition, homeownership, branch_ciuu and overcrowding
  • Add CBA/CBNA data
  • Merge deflate.R and deflate_gini.R
  • Merge income_constante_price.R and income_gini.R
  • Add read_microdata and archive_extract to get_microdata.R
  • Add IPC general base 2010 to IPC Mdeo and IPC Int (before 2011)
  • Merge deflate_gini.R with deflate.R
  • Added a file to track changes to the package.
  • Add a education.R with the functions of the tematic.
  • Add a employment.R with the functions of the tematic.
  • Add a income.R with the functions of the tematic.
  • Add 2019 to dic and start to add variables names in relation with 2017
  • Start a vignette: Ejemplo de uso del paquete ech



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