Published April 5, 2022 | Version v1
Project deliverable Open

Landscape typing based on hillslope and floodplain soil water models to functionally target sixteen riparian management options

  • 1. James Hutton Institute


The report describes how the principals of a soil hydrological classification system describing the dominant water flowpaths through soil and substrate can be translated to consider typical sequences of flow from hillslope to watercourse (with and without a floodplain) to describe main water pathways across riparian zone soil sequences for Scotland. It also identifies how such soil-based landscape models can guide the selection between riparian management measures spanning conventional buffer strips, surface runoff, subsurface pathway and in-channel management options and uses exemplar Scottish catchments to show the diversity of the occurrence of the differing landscape models at a small catchment scale and show examples of how they may be used at the farm to field scale to short-list measure options and the recommended next steps for field survey.



Report_landscape typing to functionally target riparian management.pdf