Published April 4, 2022 | Version v1
Project deliverable Open

Open knowledge activities evaluation in higher education institutions


  • 1. Tallinn University


This report evaluates the 12 open knowledge activities (OKAs) conducted by INOS partners in higher education institutions. The intention was to 3 INOS Word Template.docx engage a wide audience to open knowledge co-creation activities while upskilling HEI students and staff in citizen science and open knowledge creation and public engagement. The report illustrates the OKA case studies, synthesizing the aspects of HEI’s engagement with external stakeholders, the principles of creation and sharing of open knowledge across the practices. The deliverable provides an overview of the indicators: how many students, educators and external stakeholders could the INOS open knowledge activities engage (404 individuals). It also contains the survey of the individual gains among the stakeholders because of open knowledge activities (21 % of completed surveys).


INOS_O3A3_Report of open knowledge activities evaluation in higher education.pdf