Published March 17, 2022 | Version v1
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Fast Calorimeter Simulation Challenge 2022 - Dataset 3

  • 1. INFN Rome 2
  • 2. Hamburg University
  • 3. Rutgers University
  • 4. LBL, Berkeley
  • 5. Geneva University
  • 6. Warsaw U. of Tech.


This is dataset 3 of the “Fast Calorimeter Simulation Challenge 2022”. It consists of four files with 50k GEANT4-simulated showers each of electrons with energies sampled from a log-uniform distribution ranging from 1 GeV to 1 TeV. The detector geometry is similar to dataset 2, but has a much higher granularity. Each of the 45 layer has now 18 radial and 50 angular bins, totalling 18x50x45=40500 voxels. This dataset was produced using the Par04 Geant4 example.

dataset_3_1.hdf5 and dataset_3_2.hdf5 should be used for training, dataset_3_3.hdf5 and dataset_3_4.hdf5 can be used as reference in the evaluation.

More details, in particular helper scripts to parse the data and calculate and visualize basic high-level physics features, are available at


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