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Thermo-Electrochemical Redox Flow Cycle for Continuous Conversion of Low-Grade Waste Heat to Power

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This is a short instruction file for the datasets that were used for the paper:
"Thermo-electrochemical redox flow cycle for continuous conversion of low-grade waste heat to power"
by Jorrit Bleeker, Stijn Reichert, Joost Veerman & David A. Vermaas

1. MSc Theses
The majority of this article is based on the MSc theses by Bleeker & Reichert, which are included in this folder.

2. Data analysis
The python scripts + the datasets of the experimental figures of this work are in their individual folders here.
Spyder 4.2.5 (Python 3.8.11 64-bit) was used for these scripts

3. Numerical calculations
This folder contains the python scripts used for the calculations in Figure 4, S-8 and S-9
The equations that were used are explained in the supplementary information of our work


Thermo-electrochemical redox flow battery cycle -

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EnTER – Enhanced Mass Transport in Electrochemical Systems for Renewable Fuels and Clean Water 852115
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