Published January 20, 2022 | Version v1
Project deliverable Open

Report on the implementation of open innovation activities

  • 1. University of Bordeaux


Universities are positioning themselves more and more actively at the heart of societal issues to build knowledge and research. Open-innovation activities (OIAs) - extracurricular or intracurricular, short, or long, including socio-economic actors or not - are in their diversity concrete means of taking charge of this role by becoming actors of this change. As community builders, innovation catalysts and socio-economic actors, they organise and assess OIAs within interdisciplinary teams to transform knowledge into innovative ideas/prototypes/artefacts.

A large corpus of experience and knowledge already exists on open innovation methodologies. However, INOS aims at strengthening them by active learning approaches embedded in the learning design framework (Teo, 2020). Based on action research carried out over one year, the INOS project has made it possible to test various tools and methods (compiled in the Guidelines on designing, implementing and evaluating open innovation activities) through around ten different activities run during the year 2020-2021 and gathered in a compilation of use cases (O4A2). The report on the implementation of open innovation activities presented here aimed to collect data from all local implementations of OIAs and produce a report on how the activities were actually implemented and academic and stakeholder outreach, results achieved, and achievements regarding their assessment and sustainability.


INOS_O4A3_Report on the implimentation of Open Innovation Activities.pdf