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Innovation activities of Slovenian companies in the forest-based value chain, 2019

  • 1. InnoRenew CoE
  • 1. InnoRenew CoE
  • 2. National Institute of Public Health
  • 3. EuroCloud Slovenia
  • 4. The Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region


Slovenia was identified as a region lagging in innovation and this is particularly noticeable in the country’s forest-based value chain. However, Slovenia’s Smart Specialisation Strategy identified this industry as having a strong potential for growth. To leverage the innovation and growth potential of the forest-based value chain, we need to gain a deeper understanding of existing innovation activities and reasons for the lack of innovation activities. On the EU level, data on innovation activities are collected by the Community Innovation Survey (CIS), which has been carried out every two years since 2006. However, the survey only includes companies with 10 or more employees. Since micro companies represent more than 90% of forest-based value chain companies in Slovenia, data on their innovation activities is needed to fully understand it. The present research covers the market and innovation activities of Slovenian companies in the forest-timber sector, whereby companies of all sizes were covered. Research covers the period 2016-2018. The research contains two data files, that is file containing the paradadata, accessible under special conditions viz. on request via a secure connection (SUF version), which includes two types of data sources – one created by author and other imported from other sources ( registry - postal district, legal form, number of employees and NACE code) and questionnaire-based data file that is accessible upon prior registration (and an additional file in .xlsx format, with anonymized answers to two open questions).


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