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paperChain - FACTSHEET CC5 - "Mine waste sealing layer based on Green Liquor Dregs (GLD)"




This factsheet has been extracted from D07.3 "Guidelines for the implementation of the Circular Economy models"

CC5: Mining waste covering layers based on GLDs: CC5 demonstrates the transformation of PPI waste Green Liquor Dreg (GLD) to a functional and alternative material for covering mining wastes in mine reclamation projects. GLD and local till soil mixtures form a highly impermeable layer impeding mine wastes long-term leachates. Project developed by BILLERUDKORSNÄS (PPI), as GLDs producer; RAGNSELLS (waste manager and constructor) building the demonstrator; BOLIDEN MINERAL (Mining company), providing demonstration site, and the technical assistance on soil covers for mining waste; SP-PROCESSUM (Research Institute), and LTU (Luleå University) for scientific support. Technical and environmental performance requirements achieved, but (very) long-term performance to be assessed. Challenges: GLD and soil heterogeneity, material availability and transportation (CO2 footprint), waste+soil mixing and compaction, environmental deep monitoring assessment. Lack of standards for GLD use as construction material. Highly specific process (till soil), but with replication potential in several mine restorations in other scenarios out of Sweden also. Figure 1 shows the CC5 Circular Case in Sweden, Figures 2- 4 show the pilot demonstration, and Tables 1 and 2 the Main Items and Key Factors.


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