Published December 31, 2021 | Version 1.00
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S&R dissemination activities report 1st version


The overarching objective of the Search & Rescue (SnR) project is to enhance the capabilities of first responders in Search and Rescue (SAR) operations by establishing an efficient synchronization framework managing the data, developed services and information flow between the different authorities involved in crisis response. The success of this project will greatly depend on an adequate, proactive, and fruitful engagement approach with stakeholders. The potential benefits are multiple: increasing the project impact and relevance; facilitating the sustainability or exploitation of the outcomes by the stakeholders; obtaining endorsement, to name a few. Stakeholder engagement must be considered from the onset of the project and throughout. This document reports on all the dissemination & communication (D&C) activities carried out by the Search and Rescue (SnR) project consortium during the first 18 months of the project. In D9.1 SnR Dissemination & Communication strategy, we outlined the different activities and tools to be put in place to maximize the impact of the project on external target stakeholders, and on society as a whole. This comprehensive document will provide the results/metrics in implementing these tools and carrying out these activities. A final version of this document covering the activities between M18 and M36 will be produced at the end of the project.


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Search and Rescue – Search and Rescue: Emerging technologies for the Early location of Entrapped victims under Collapsed Structures and Advanced Wearables for risk assessment and First Responders Safety in SAR operations 882897
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