Published November 29, 2021 | Version v1
Conference paper Open

Towards Reproducible Indoor Positioning Research

  • 1. Geneva School of Business Administration, HES-SO


The movement advocating for a more transparent and reproducible science has placed the issue of research reproducibility at the center of attention of various stakeholders related to academic research. Universities, funding institutions and publishers have started changing long established policies with the goal to encourage and support best practices for rigorous and transparent science making. Regarding the field of indoor positioning, there is a lack of standard evaluation procedures that would enable consistent comparisons. Moreover, the practices of Open Data and Open Source are on the verge of gaining popularity within the community of the field. This work, after presenting an extensive introduction to the landscape of research reproducibility and providing the viewpoint of the research community of Indoor Positioning, proceeds to its primary contribution: to provide a concrete set of suggestions that could accelerate the pace of the Indoor Positioning research community towards becoming a discipline of reproducible research.


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