Published November 23, 2021 | Version v1
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The six competing types of domination in the early 21st century: Towards a new Weberian taxonomy

  • 1. Yale University
  • 2. Corvinus University, Budapest


This paper follows Weber’s interpretative sociology in trying to identify the various systems of domination in the 21st century. Our aim is to describe the “actually existing” systems: liberalism, conservativism, illiberalism, authoritarianism, dictatorship, and despotism. While the lifespan of various systems of domination may vary, there is no one-way progress-regress among these systems, and most actually existing systems are hybrids and have features from one or the other. There is not one which can imply the end “of history”. History rather moves in a cyclical way back-and forth between various system of domination.



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