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Percentage of Population Who Read Books In European Regions

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The indicator is created from the Eurobarometer 79.2 survey’s GESIS datafile using regional subsamples. The regional subsamples were recoded to the NUTS 2016 regional boundary definitions with the regions R package. In the larger countries, where only NUTS1 level information was present (for example, in Germany and the United Kingdom), we imputed the NUTS1 territorial average values to the constituent NUTS2 regions.

A ‘dirty averaging’ was used to create regional averages, with scale national post-stratification weights to an expected value of 1. Al respondents who read at least one book in the previous 12 months were coded to have read a book.

This indicator was used in the
Balázs Bodó, Dániel Antal, Zoltán Puha: Can scholarly pirate libraries bridge the knowledge access gap? An empirical study on the structural conditions of book piracy in global and European academia, in Plos ONE (Published: December 3, 2020.)



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