Published November 1, 2021 | Version v1
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Winged Duck - Conformal Microstructure Synthesis in Trimmed Trivariate based V-reps.

  • 1. CS, Technion, Israel


An example of a trimmed trivariate volumetric model (VModel), populated with trivariate microstructures.  "MacroVMdlDuck.itd" contains a trimmed trivariate VModel that represents a macro shape of the winged duck, and "MicroTileTrivDuck.itd" contains a list of B-spline trivariates that represents the micro tiles filling the interior of the duck. The microstructures in the file have different  colors depending on their types: green tiles are fully inside the primitive trivariates of the winged duck (e.g. body, and two wings),  red tiles are the special bridging tiles connecting the body and the wings, and yellow tiles are the inside tiles used in anchoring  different primitives of the model. Each tile trivariate is given a unique integer ID and stores the additional information such as  the neighboring trivariates, the parametric domain in which the tile occupies (in case of the regular tile only) and colliding trivariates  (in case of bridging tiles only made from sweeping only) in its attributes.

Duck model is provided, in IRIT ( ITD file format, as trivariates, and in IGES file format as

"MacroMdlDuck.igs" contains a list of trimmed surfaces that are converted from the macro VModel in MacroVMdlDuck.itd.

"MicroTileSrfDuck.igs" contains a list of surfaces that are extracted from the boundary of trivariate micro tiles in MicroTileTrivDuck.itd.


This research is also supported in parts by the ISRAEL SCIENCE FOUNDATION, Israel (Grant No. 597/18).



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ADAM^2 – Analysis, Design, And Manufacturing using Microstructures 862025
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