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Experimental Assessment of Cooperative Sensors Network-based Dynamical Thermal Rating: the first evidences from the H2020 OSMSOSE Project

  • 1. University of Sannio
  • 2. Terna S.p.a.


The main purpose of the Working Package 5 of the H2020 Optimal System-Mix of flexibility Solutions for European electricity (Osmose) project is to develop an advanced Energy Management System (EMS), which allows the Transmission System Operators (TSOs) to reliably manage distributed Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and grid congestions, by properly coordinating innovative flexibility resources which include Dynamic Thermal Rating (DTR) and Demand Side Response (DSR). In this context, Ensiel, a consortium of Italian universities active in power systems research, developed a new DTR solution, which is based on a self-organizing sensor network composed by cooperative smart nodes deployed along the line route, having as final output the loadability curve of the line. This paper presents the first experimental results obtained by deploying this new DTR method on a real operation scenario, demonstrating the improved performance and effectiveness of the proposed method. 


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