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Identification and Environmental Issues of Polluted Sea Water

  • 1. Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Mohamed Sathak Engineering College, Kilakarai - 623 806, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • 2. Research Scholar, National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research, Chennai-600 113, Tamilnadu, India
  • 1. Publisher


Marine pollution is a major problem nowadays in our country. Contamination is the entrance into the environment of toxic chemicals. Every material that has undesirable changes in its composition, position or quantity can be the pollutant in terms of the physical, chemical or biological properties of air, water, and soil. The pollution level is higher in the nearby seashore because the density of waves is lower in the nearby sea. 70% to 80% of oxygen for humans comes from the sea. Marine pollution generally affects ecosystem health, public health, quality of recreational water and economic viability in the following ways: Mechanical, Saphrogenic, Mutagenic, and Carcinogenic. Non-biodegradable plastic is a large portion and a major danger. Sea turtles err in their jellyfish plastic bags and die from internal blockages. 100,000 marine mammals are killed and two million birds die every year. The water is contaminated by pollution by the precipitation of the soil, by air-borne rain and by shipwrecks. Human activity releases 5-fold mercury and17-fold lead from natural sources. Tourism development results in water pollution not only in water-scarce areas with relatively abundant water resources. Because water is used extensively in the tourism industry, it is apparent that during tourism growth, tourism will have an important impact on the climate of the water, including water pollution and a lack of water, which are the key barriers to the creation of a sustainable tourism industry. Solid waste disposal in the sea (they didn’t decompose they get dumped inside the sea). Due to ship accidents in the sea oil gets contaminant inside the sea, some special species are fully destroyed because of this problem. So we are collecting a water sample from East Coast Region in Ramanathapuram District, Tamilnadu, India. Detect the amount of pollution in the water sample through a test and compared it with permissible limits.



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