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Final data policy framework for Photon and Neutron RIs

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ExPaNDS deliverable D2.3: Final data policy framework for photon and neutron RIs, considers how data policies for research infrastructures providing photon and neutron facilities should be framed, in particular in the light of supporting open science and FAIR data. It builds on and revises the initial policy framework presented in ExPaNDS deliverable D2.1: Draft extended data policy framework for photon and neutron RIs.

To produce the final, revised version of our data policy framework, ExPaNDS undertook a series of detailed consultation meetings with all ten of our partner PaN RIs. Drawing extensively on quotes from the write ups of those conversations, this report presents the themes that emerged from the consultation, focusing especially on those that featured most often and most strongly.

Based on the consultation feedback, we present a revised version of the ExPaNDS data policy framework, which now proposes 21 elements for RIs to consider when formulating data policy.

Overall, the consultation provided an opportunity to engage deeply in discussion with ExPaNDS partners about data policy and policy making. The consultation feedback and the level of engagement with the consultation process itself highlight ExPaNDS partners’ strong interest in data policy. There is a clear recognition that having an appropriate data policy is fundamental to supporting good research data management. While some differing views exist, ExPaNDS partners express consensus on key fundamental aspects of the data policy framework, especially the importance of a high level commitment to FAIR data. There is also the strong recognition that flexibility in a data policy framework is vital to accommodating the diversity found across national PaN RIs.

As well as incorporating the final version ExPaNDS data policy framework as a key output, our report concludes with two overarching points:

  1. Data policy diversity will remain across ExPaNDS partner facilities

  2. Data policy is a powerful and important tool for national PaN RIs.

It is clear from the consultation feedback that the ExPaNDS data policy framework is already having an impact on facilities’ plans for future work, especially around ensuring that key implementations are in place to support FAIR data. Further work within ExPaNDS, for example, around PIDs, metadata, and FAIR assessment, will provide guidance to support these activities.



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