Published June 30, 2021 | Version 1.00
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S&R Use Case 3: Earthquake / heavy storms between Vienna Rail Station & Kufstein railway station heavy damages in the rail station (Cross-border pilot, Austria-Germany) - Pilot plan


The Use Case is organised by two medical first responder organisations from Germany and Austria including their respective disaster relief units. It will be organised as a field exercise focusing on the response phase of the disaster risk management cycle. The scenario and exercise are envisioned at a regional scale.

  1. Weather: A heavy storm is ongoing, which uproots several trees and causes a blackout.
  2. Safety/Security: no specific security threats are taken into account. Safety of the staff and volunteers has to be assured.
  3. Special Equipment: in addition to the provided S&R Tools, the Use Case will use the train compartment, the earthquake house, and gas street of the exercise area. The disaster relief unit of the Johanniter will bring their SanHist, Logistics Trailer and communication equipment.
  4. Doctrines/ Standards/ Laws: INSARAG Guidelines, Plans of the training ground, Austrian Sanitary Act, SOPs of the disaster relief unit


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