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Published June 30, 2021 | Version 1.00
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S&R Use Case 2: Plane crash, mountain rescue, non-urban (Greece) - Pilot plan


The incident begins with a forced landing of a passenger propeller aircraft due to mechanical problems upon approaching the airport of Thessaloniki. Despite the efforts of the pilot, the aircraft crashes in a remote location of the mountainous area around the city, 30 minutes hiking distant from the nearest dirt road. A number of HRT first responders will be involved in the incident. Depending on their availability, public civil protection, the army, the fire department, and the police will participate at the pilot. An invitation will be sent to include civil protection organizations, individual climbers, mountaineer associations, and established mountain shelters.
According to the scenario, the weather condition is assumed to be extremely windy, a common phenomenon at that period of the year (October-November). No terrorist intention is assumed to be involved in the incident.
The pilot will test the capabilities of the S&R platform on risk assessment, crisis management, and rescue/volunteer mobilization. 


SnR_D8.3 - S&R Use Case 2 Plane crash, mountain rescue, non-urban (Greece)- Pilot plan_v1.00.pdf

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