Published March 31, 2021 | Version 1.00
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Situation Awareness Model - specification


This deliverable D3.2 "Situation Awareness Model - specification" presents the methodology and the actual technical work in the frame of the Situation Awareness model. Situation Awareness (SA) is the accuracy with which people perceive, understand and anticipate changes in their environment that are relevant to achieving operational goals. Based upon this principle, the respective model aims at providing the conceptual representation of the core entities, which will be represented by concepts and cover specific aspects of the SA domain. These aspects can be summarized as follows:

  • The decisions that SNR actors make during the course of S&R operation.
  • The conceptual representation of critical information required in order to support the various actors with their tasks.
  • The conceptual representation of the important information flows that potentially exist between involved actors.

These key aspects, which derive from DoA will be the basis for the identification of the main concepts that will constitute the SA model. Finally, the effective implementation of this deliverable will assist the effective information retrieval instantly, during the S&R operations


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