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Published July 21, 2021 | Version v5.11.2
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mesoscale Hydrologic Model - mHM v5.11.2


Release Notes mHM v5.11.2 (Jul 2021)


  • documentation modernized with doxygen-awesome-css (!86)
  • cmake update to be able to install mHM (cmake --install) (!85)
  • added pFUnit tests thanks to Nicola Döring (!76)
  • link to a new YouTube tutorial for compiling mHM with cygwin by Mehmet Cüneyd Demirel added to the documentation (!74)
  • NetCDF output: add deflate and precision option to namelists (!73)
  • refactor cmake workflow (!72)


  • fixed: mrm tried to write output even if routing was switched off (!82)
  • unreachable else branch in feddes_et_reduction removed (!77)
  • unnecessary inout variable intent in soil_moisture removed (!77)


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Related works


  • Samaniego L., R. Kumar, S. Attinger (2010): Multiscale parameter regionalization of a grid-based hydrologic model at the mesoscale. Water Resour. Res., 46,W05523, doi:10.1029/2008WR007327,
  • Kumar, R., L. Samaniego, and S. Attinger (2013): Implications of distributed hydrologic model parameterization on water fluxes at multiple scales and locations, Water Resour. Res., 49, doi:10.1029/2012WR012195,