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Reproduction Package for ATVA 2021 Article `PJBDD: A BDD Library for Java and Multi-Threading'

  • 1. LMU Munich, Germany


Reproduction Package

PJBDD: A BDD Library for Java and Multi-Threading


This artifact is a reproduction package for the tool paper “PJBDD: A BDD Library for Java and Multi-Threading” (submitted to ATVA 2021).

It contains code and data used in the evaluation of the paper, including PJBDD with the implementation described in the paper the benchmark suite used for the evaluation, the raw data resulting from the evaluation, scripts to run the experiments, and instructions for reproducing the tables and figures in the paper.

A full reproduction of the evaluation requires 15 GB of memory, 8 CPU cores, and multiple weeks of CPU time. A limited subset of the benchmark tasks can be used for demonstration purposes if at least two CPU cores and 4 GB memory are available.

This artifact is published at Zenodo.


This artifact contains the following items:

  • this documentation
  • License.txt: license information of the artifact
  • pjbdd: a directory containing PJBDD at revision master:58bd6889 which was used in our evaluation
  • packages: the necessary Ubuntu packages to run the experiments.
  • evaluation_results: raw data produced from our full experiments and scripts to create tex plots used in the paper
  • Makefile: a file to execute the commands

This Readme file will guide you through the following steps:

  1. Setup of PJBDD and BenchExec
  2. Performing demo experiments
  3. Analyzing the experimental data


Type the following commands to:

  • Install Java 11: make install-java-11 (please ignore warnings about an existing Java 8)
  • Install BenchExec:
    • $ make install-benchexec
    • reboot the system
    • $ make prepare-benchexec (to turn off swap memory and allow user namespaces, needs to be redone after every reboot)
    • $ make test-cgroup (to test if cgroup is configured correctly)
  • Test if BenchExec is installed successfully: $ make test-benchexec
  • Configure hardware requirements for the demo runs to X GB of memory and Y CPU cores: $ bash -m=X -c=Y


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