Published June 25, 2021 | Version v1
Project deliverable Open

Language data and project specialist: A new modular profile for graduates in language-related disciplines


The UPSKILLS needs analysis explored the current academic offer in language- and linguistics-related fields (modern languages and cultures, translation, general linguistics, etc.) and the requirements the job market has for graduates in these areas. The analysis highlighted the need for a new skill set and a new mind frame to meet the demands as well as the professional challenges of the industry. Taking into consideration the results of the individual components of the needs analysis, this final report outlines a new professional profile, that of the language data and project specialist, and includes a detailed description of the knowledge, skills and competences that present-day and future graduates in languages and linguistics should obtain to improve their employability in the digital business sector.


UPSKILLS IO1 Task 6 - The language data and project specialist profile.pdf

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