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Published February 19, 2010 | Version 1.0
Dataset Restricted

Stellenbosch Climate Data


  • 1. Stellenbosch University


Project manager:

  • 1. School of Biological Science, Clayton Campus, Monash University


The Stellenboschberg Long-term Site investigates invertebrate physiology and the climate the invertebrates experience at two sites on Stellenboschberg in the Western Cape, South Africa. It is a long term project, initiated in 2002 by Prof. S.L. Chown, Stellenbosch University. Data collection is carried out in intervals that suit the data logger capacity.


To study invertebrate physiology and the climate the invertebrates experience. This file contains temperature data for 2002 (from 24 March) for two sites on Stellenbosch mountain.



The record is publicly accessible, but files are restricted to users with access.