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A Novel Approach to Scarecrows in Japanese Rice Terraces (Photo Stories)


  • 1. Nagaoka Institute of Design


A novel approach to the use of scarecrows in Japan’s rice terraces based on their introduction to the rice terraces in Hirei village in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture. These scarecrows stand above the rice terraces of Hirei village, a very famous rice-growing area on the northwest coast of Honshu Island in Japan. The concept is based on the idea that “scarecrows are farmers and friends”. Therefore, the appearance of the scarecrows should be friendly and funny.


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  • Ueno, Y. (2017) Yuji Ueno Works: The Hirei Kakashi(Scarecrow) Project. Niigata Japan: Niigata Nippo Company.Figure 15. In fact, the bear runs away from a snake!THE ART OF TERRACED LANDSCAPES JOURNAL2020 VOL. 1 NUM. 1 19