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Tackling the shortage of skilled and informed labour to deliver transitions to agro-ecological farming systems in North-east Scotland, UK

  • 1. James Hutton Institute
  • 2. University of Aberdeen


The emergence and application of new technologies is creating opportunities for accelerating pathways of transition. However, skilled labours could be a barrier to such transitions. Evidence suggests industry and farmers need work-based skills, apprenticeships, life-long learning and graduates, but face competition in the labour market.

Findings from the H2020 UNISECO project show the importance of dedicated training programmes, and in the longer term, transitions to sustainable farming systems will be aided by the inclusion of agro-ecology in the school curriculum


This Policy Brief is one of a set produced by the H2020 UNISECO project. Others are accessible on the Zenodo repository under the UNISECO Community.


H2020 UNISECO-Policy-Brief-Tackling Shortage of Skilled and Informed Labour.pdf

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