Published April 9, 2021 | Version v1
Technical note Open

UNISECO H2020 policy brief: Viticulture and agroecology (France). Cooperation between farmers to foster agroecological practices in viticulture

  • 1. ISARA


In viticulture, the general dependency on external inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides is high. How to reduce this dependency through agro-ecological practices while maintaining economic viability of farms ? The UNISECO project aimed at investigating this question with the help of a regional network of local cooperatives of farmers (CUMA, cooperatives for the use of agricultural equipment).

To implement agro-ecological practices, five barriers have to be overcome : Economic barrier. (no positive price premium for farmers engaged in agroecology), Governance barrier.(no link between  agri-food value chain actors  authorities and public administrations and technical advice), Technical barrier (slope/machinery),  feeling of insecurity (risky for the yield and the quality of grapes), climate change (drought, hazards like hail, frost in spring)

As the main barrier is an economic one, there is a need to support:: A) New sustainable food systems based on agro-ecological practices;  2) Labelling policy including agroecological practices in product specifications. Other policies will help to promote the adoption of agroecological practice...



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