Published March 30, 2021 | Version v1
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SIMCor. Deliverable 2.2 - Communication and dissemination strategy plan (LYN, M2)


  • 1. Lynkeus


The present document is meant to illustrate the SIMCor communication and dissemination (C&D) strategy, along with the relevant activities carried out in the first three months of project implementation. After a brief introduction of WP2 – Engagement, communication, dissemination and exploitation, its objectives, task structure and deliverables, the second chapter describes the C&D strategy plan in detail, including connection with exploitation activities. The strategy is articulated into a diversified range of activities, including web communication, dissemination events, publications, multimedia, as well as a range of engagement, feedback gathering, collaboration and cross-dissemination initiatives with relevant stakeholders within consortium partners’ contact networks, including institutions, associations, foundations, regulatory bodies and standards committees, as well as other in-silico trial and eHealth research projects. To do so, the consortium will leverage a wide range of communication channels, including project website and social media, events and journals, as well as the support of consortium partners and other partner projects channels. The third chapter will present the activities carried out in M1-M3, including preparation of project branding (i.e., logo, icons, infographics, presentation templates, banners for acknowledgment of funding), communication materials (i.e., a model presentation for external communication), setup of website and social media channels, mapping of consortium channels and stakeholder networks, together with main action items for M6 and beyond.


SIMCor (In-Silico testing and validation of Cardiovascular IMplantable devices) has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101017578.


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