Published October 20, 2019 | Version v2
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  • 1. Northwestern University
  • 2. Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs



BabySlakh is a tiny version of Slakh2100 (zenodo link) that is useful for debugging and prototyping. It consists of the first 20 tracks of Slakh2100 (i.e., Track00001 through Track00020, inclusive). All of the audio is in the wav format and has a sample rate of 16 kHz. BabySlakh is ready to go once it's unzipped.


About Slakh:

The Synthesized Lakh (Slakh) Dataset is a dataset of multi-track audio and aligned MIDI for music source separation and multi-instrument automatic transcription. Individual MIDI tracks are synthesized from the Lakh MIDI Dataset v0.1 using professional-grade sample-based virtual instruments, and the resulting audio is mixed together to make musical mixtures. The full release of Slakh, called Slakh2100, contains 2100 automatically mixed tracks and accompanying, aligned MIDI files, synthesized from 187 patches categorized into 34 classes.


Helpful Links:

For more information, see

Support code for Slakh: Available here.

Code to render Slakh data: Available in this repo.

See the dataset at a glance, and info about metadata.yaml.


Citing Slakh:

If you use BabySlakh or generate data using the same method we ask that you cite it using the following bibtex entry:

  title={Cutting Music Source Separation Some {Slakh}: A Dataset to Study the Impact of Training Data Quality and Quantity},
  author={Manilow, Ethan and Wichern, Gordon and Seetharaman, Prem and Le Roux, Jonathan},
  booktitle={Proc. IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics (WASPAA)},



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