Published July 16, 2020 | Version v2
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D2.1 5G Security: Current Status and Future Trends


This Deliverable presents the current security landscape of 5G networks, as well as the evolution of requirements and trends in 5G security. It includes a summary of the 5G threat landscape, the 5G networks classification criteria and their threat taxonomy; a description of security requirements of 5G systems, divided into domain-specific use cases, and the elicitation of security requirements from relevant stakeholders in 5G; the current status of 5G networks, the solutions state for securing 5G systems, the standardization effort in the domain of 5G security, the relevant 5G projects, and open source initiatives; and a description of future trends and technologies in 5G networks, their limitations, and gaps related to the security of 5G networks. This deliverable aims to provide a basis for the identification of use cases and the development of 5G security enablers in INSPIRE-5Gplus.


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