Published February 26, 2021 | Version v1
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The 3-dimensional structure of the prototypical young triple system T Tauri




T Tauri is the best-observed member of the class of stars named after it, but astronomers are still debating what exactly is happening in the system. The irregular photometric variability of the triple system T Tauri has been puzzling since its discovery. A circumbinary disk around T Tau Sa and Sb can explain the recent brightness fluctuations of T Tau Sb, due to changes in extinction depending on the position of T Tau Sb in its orbit. 

With this contribution I present not only the recent solution for orbital parameters of this benchmark system but also the 3D configuration of circumstellar and circumbinary discs detected in the system. I give a tentative answer the long standing question is T Tau N closer or farther from us than T Tau S.  The orbital motion of T Tau Sb in the near future will allow us to probe the near side of the circumbinary disk in early 2023.



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