Published December 31, 2020 | Version 1.00
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Requirements to knowledge management and SA Model


This deliverable produced in the scope of WP3's D3.1 "Requirements to Situation Awareness and SA Model". D3.1 describes methods for finding the information requirements that first responders need to achieve a level of situation awareness, in order to develop disaster emergencies. Situation Awareness (SA) is the accuracy with which people perceive, understand and anticipate changes in their environment that are relevant to achieving operational goals. But first, a Knowledge Management System is required, in order to capture, develop, share and use organisational knowledge to finally enable SA, as Emergency management requires a Knowledge Management System that can adaptively respond to the uncertainties inherent to crisis and manmade disasters. The Knowledge Management System requires components, both human and hardware, that must pursue a variety of operational goals (time of response, time of deployment, rescue victims etc.).
The focus of the deliverable D3.1 is the definition of the technological requirements of the Knowledge Management functionality in order to enable situation awareness, more efficient context-aware data sharing and presentation to the emergency responding actors, and subsequently more efficient decision-making support.


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