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Published June 30, 2020 | Version 1.0
Project deliverable Open

D2.9 - Final Data Policy recommendations

  • 1. Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)
  • 2. EPCC at the University of Edinburgh
  • 3. CSC - IT Center for Science
  • 4. European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (ECRIN)
  • 5. EFI Foundation
  • 6. Trust-IT Services


This deliverable conveys data sharing policy recommendations to the EOSC-hub data and service providers. It strongly builds on EOSC-hub D2.8 (First Data policy recommendations) by translating these first policy recommendations into four reference cards that together form the Service Provider’s Guide to Data Sharing Policies. D2.9 sets out to contribute to the developing field of data sharing policies in the EOSC.


D2.9 v_1_0 Final Data Policy recommendations.pdf

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