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Magneto-nematic coupled dynamics in ferromagnetic nematic liquid crystals under magnetic field

  • 1. Department of Physics of Meso- and Nano-crystalline Magnetic Structures, Institute of Magnetism of NANU and MESU, Kyiv, Ukraine


Dynamic properties of ferromagnetic nematic liquid crystals under an external magnetic field have investigated. The coupled dynamics of the magnetization,, and the director field, , associated with the liquid crystalline orientation order, have studied. In the framework of the hydrodynamic and and thermodynamic approach, the role of the dynamic cross-coupling in macroscopic dynamic behavior both the nematic liquid crystal and its magneto-optic properties is considered. The dependence of the temporal evolution of a magneto-induced response on the dissipative and reversible parts of the dynamic cross-coupling is considered.


Korostil & Krupa (AAM) - Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 699.1, 82-89.pdf

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