Published October 27, 2020 | Version v1
Presentation Open

Accelerating skills development in Data science and AI at scale


  • 1. Monash University


At the Monash Data Science and AI  platform, we believe that upskilling our research community and building a workforce with data science skills are key to accelerating the application of data science in research. To achieve this, we create and leverage new and existing training capabilities within and outside Monash University. In this talk, we will discuss the principles and purpose of establishing collaborative models to accelerate skills development at scale. We will talk about our approach to identifying gaps in the existing skills and training available in data science, key areas of interest as identified by the research community and various sources of training available in the marketplace. We will provide insights into the collaborations we currently have and intend to develop in the future within the university and also nationally.

The talk will also cover our approach as outlined below
•        Combined survey of gaps in skills and trainings for Data science and AI
•        Provide seats to partners
•        Share associate instructors/helpers/volunteers
•        Develop combined training materials
•        Publish a repository of open source trainings
•        Train the trainer activities
•        Establish a network of volunteers to deliver trainings at their local regions

Industry plays a significant role in making some invaluable training available to the research community either through self learning platforms like AWS Machine Learning University or Instructor led courses like NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute. We will discuss how we leverage our partnerships with Industry to bring these trainings to our research community.

Finally, we will discuss how we map our training to the ARDC skills roadmap and how the ARDC platforms project “Environments to accelerate Machine Learning based Discovery” has enabled collaboration between Monash University and University of Queensland to develop and deliver training together.