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Kampanie marki Benetton a kontrowersja religijna

  • 1. Uniwersytet Jagielloński


Benetton’s advertising campaigns and religious controversy

The aim of this paper was to show the religious controversies, which could be perceived as acts of transgression, on the example of Benetton’s advertising campaigns. Benneton, as a wordly known company, was chosen due to the fact, that a lot of advertisements produced in the past, could be seen as controversial or at least evoking discussion by specific groups of society. For this thesis, the images from late 20th century have been chosen. The author focused on showing various definitions of transgressive acts, to later on assess, if specific advertisements meet the criteria of transgression. She decided to focus on images, that are closely connected to christianity, although there was some part to discuss the racial aspect of Benetton advertising. Religious controversies are the ones, that provoke most heated discussions in the society and are not only the matter of individual expression of an artist, but are also punished by law in certain countries. If the art should always be connected with crossing the borders, provoking scandal or, on the other hand, ought to limit itself to esthetical aspect, can be a matter of discussion. There are some interesting phenomenons, like „wear-out” effect, that would be worth further exploring, especially if we would like to avoid treating viewers as one society and focus more on specific groups of people. Although the author did not focus on the law or ethical aspects of the images shown, she tried to show different perspectives on how those images can affect viewers thinking.


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