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Netter: Probabilistic, Stateful Network Models


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The main Netter compiler is available at, while this artifact contains example code and models for case studies from the paper.


Extract Instruction

This artifact is designed to be executed with VMCAI 2021 Virtual Machine (

One important assumption is that you extract the ZIP file content under `/home/vmcai2021`, since we have some implicit dependencies for local package locations. See within the ZIP file for more details.



This artifact contains the Netter compiler and models for all the cases discussed in the paper.

- Section 2: Example in the Overview
- Section 4.1: Warm up chain topology
- Section 4.2: MPLS
- Section 4.3: Load balancer
- Section 4.4: CoDef link-flooding defense

Moreover, it contains the Coq formalization.
The Coq development contains two main results in coq/Imp.v:
dead_store_elimP, dead_store_elim_optE, inline_run and inline_rew.
The first one says that the dead store elimination pass
"dead_store_elim" preserves the semantics of programs.  The second one
says that an optimized version of "dead_store_elim",
"dead_store_elim_opt", computes the same result. The last two say that
the inlining pass "inline" preserves the semantics of programs and of
computed rewards. These passes were translated by hand to the
"deadStoreElimOpt" and "inline" functions of

Please refer to the file for additional details.


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