Published September 25, 2013 | Version v1
Dataset Open


  • 1. Idiap Research Institute
  • 2. University of Geneva
  • 3. Université Catholique de Louvain



Disco-Annotation is a collection of training and test sets with manually annotated discourse relations for 8 discourse connectives in europarl texts.

The 8 connectives with their annotated relations are:

  • although (contrast|concession)
  • as (prep|causal|temporal|comparison|concession)
  • however (contrast|concession)
  • meanwhile (contrast|temporal)
  • since (causal|temporal|temporal-causal)
  • though (contrast|concession)
  • while (contrast|concession|temporal|temporal-contrast|temporal-causal)
  • yet (adv|contrast|concession)

For each connective there is a training set and a test set. The relations were annotated by two trained annotators with a translation spotting method. The division into training and test also allows for comparison reasons if you train your own models.

If you need software for the latter, have a look at:



Please cite the following papers if you make use of these datasets (and to know more about the annotation method):

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