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Technologies of Imaging in Urban Communication - Report 2 from Kenya (Kilifi)


The book contains the partial effects of the research realized within the project 'Technologies of Imaging in Communication, Art and Social Sciences' (TICASS). It presents the material gathered and analysed referring to visual messages in urban public spaces in Kenya, on the case study of the Kilifi county, on the coast of the Indian Ocean. These investigations and analyses, based on Paul Martin Lester model of visual communication analysis, are important because all contemporary societies in Europe, Africa and the rest of the world have at stake solving the problems of communication in their urban public spaces saturated with images which may be diversely (accurately, incorrectly, falsely) read by individuals in the city whether by residents, tourists, visitors, or researchers. The urban text has a polyphonic character in its diversity of contents and forms, but also is full of contradictions, and sometimes absurdities, paradoxes, and palimpsest, what requires specific competences for its reading and cognitive-functional use.


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